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YouTube has come a long way since its birth 18 years ago.

It was ahead of its time back in 2005 and has still held its place as a leading channel for marketers.

Brands can publish their own content, they can advertise in front of others' content, can partner with an influential person creating niche content, and much more.

It has created opportunities for many.

But where is YouTube today? How popular is it? How do consumers engage with it? We had many of those same questions (and many more) and so we pulled together this research of the top statistics and trends defining YouTube today.


As of 2020, YouTube has:

-- 2 billion monthly active users (YouTube Press)

-- 30 million daily active users (YouTube Press)

-- 38 million active channels (Tubics)

-- 15 million content creators (Tubics)

-- 22,000 channels with more than 1 million subscribers (Tubics)


-- YouTube is the second most preferred content for millennials to consume online video content after Netflix. Source: (Ahrefs)

-- Average time spent on YouTube daily is 17minutes 31 seconds. (Alexa)

-- 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched daily (YouTube Press)

-- 90% of digital consumers in the US use YouTube (Oberlo)

-- Most visited site in the world and second most visited site in the US. (Ahrefs)

-- In H1 of 2021, views for top videos on YouTube grew by 18% vs. H1 of 2020 showing strong growth in engagement during the pandemic. (Tubular Labs)

-- On average, YouTube users spend 19:42 minutes on YouTube per day (Alexa)

-- 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube (Google Ads)


-- YouTube is used in over 80 different languages across the world.(YouTube Press)


-- More than 70 percent of viewership happens on its mobile apps (Sprout Social)

-- 70% of what people watch on YouTube is recommended by it’s algorithm (HootSuite)

-- YouTube mobile users pay 2X more attention to what they’re watching, as compared to those watching television. 7 out of 10 people also default to horizontal viewing when they’re consuming videos on their phone. (Think with Google)


-- In the beauty industry alone, 60% of video views on YouTube come from influencer content, 39% from brands, and only 1% from publisher content (Statista, 2018)

-- Limited-time offers make up 70% of campaigns in the US & Canada. (Statista)

-- Lego is the most popular brand channel on YouTube at 11.5 million subscribers (as of Jan 2021)


-- 45% of users are female and 55% are male. (Data Reportal)

-- Globally, mobile YouTube videos reach more 18-19-year-olds as compared to any television network. (Think with Google)

-- 36% of US Adults say they use YouTube several times a day (Pew Research)

-- 77% of U.S. Internet users between the ages of 15-25 use YouTube (Statista)

-- 77% of U.S. Internet users between the ages of 26-35 use YouTube (Statista)

-- 73% of U.S. Internet users between the ages of 36-45 use YouTube (Statista)

-- 70% of U.S. Internet users between the ages of 46-55 use YouTube (Statista)

-- 67% of U.S. Internet users age 56+ use YouTube (Statista)

-- 82% of all male adults and 80% of all female adults use YouTube (Pew Research)


-- 100 billion hours of gaming content was consumed globally. It includes watch-hours from some of the biggest gaming live events and charity fundraisers organized by gaming channels – like the Call of Duty Warzone Tournament (YouTube)


While this is not an exhaustive summary of YouTube stats, but we hope it highlights some of the most intriguing and meaningful trends happening today and can help inform you as you explore your investment and exploration in the channel.

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