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gen-z influencers

From the digital landscape to global change-makers, Gen-Z influencers are captivating audiences with their refreshing perspectives and innovative ideas.

Buckle up as we share our top Gen-Z influencers here at Outloud from our over 15+ years doing influencer marketing across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and beyond.

These creators are redefining the social media game, shaping popular culture, and blazing new trails in 2023!

Our Favorite Gen-Z Influencers

1. Hannah Meloche

Meet Hannah Meloche, the multi-talented beauty and fashion YouTuber, known for delighting her 2+ million subscribers with a blend of lifestyle, DIY, and comedy content since 2013.

Beyond the screen, she shines as a model, brand ambassador, and entrepreneurial powerhouse - serving as the CEO of her own chic jewelry and clothing line, Starlite Village.

With her impeccable style, creativity, and infectious charm, she's not just a trendsetter, but a trailblazer, inspiring millions in the world of fashion and beyond.

2. Daisy Keech

Discover Daisy Keech, the inspiring social media sensation and model celebrated for her incredible fitness journey, where she showcases her toned physique to an audience of over 5 million followers.

Empowering others through her passion for health and fitness, she frequently shares glimpses of her workouts, bikini shots, and activewear, motivating her fans to embrace their bodies and lead an active lifestyle.

She's not just a model; she's a symbol of strength and dedication, transforming lives one post at a time.

3. Haley Pham

Introducing Haley Pham, the captivating beauty, lifestyle, and book vlogger who has captured the hearts of her 2.5M+ "girly pop" fanbase on her self-titled YouTube channel.

A true social media maven, she has also amassed a devoted Instagram following of 900,000+ fans.

With her unique blend of charisma and insight, she shares the latest trends in beauty, explores the vibrant world of lifestyle, and delves into the literary universe, captivating her audience and inspiring countless hearts and minds along the way.

4. the cheeky boyos

Introducing Brian O’Donnell and Coy Wickey, the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular TikTok comedy skit account The Cheeky Boyos, where two friends join forces to create hilarious parodies of pop culture and imaginative original content.

Boasting a verified account with over 11 million dedicated fans, their comedic brilliance has even garnered them a prestigious Streamy Award in the short-form category in 2021.

With every laugh-inducing video, these talented friends continue to entertain and brighten up the days of millions around the globe.

5. Azlia Williams

Introducing Azlia Williams, the charismatic vlogger whose channel skyrocketed to fame in late 2014, thanks to her endearing videos featuring her pet bunny.

With her diverse content - ranging from hauls and makeup tutorials to challenges - she has captured the hearts of over 750,000 subscribers.

Her delightful blend of creativity and charm continues to enthrall her audience, making her a cherished presence in the world of vlogging.

6. Ava Jules

Meet Ava Jules, the captivating YouTube vlogger behind her eponymous channel, celebrated for her engaging makeup and beauty tutorials, honest product reviews, haul unboxings, and heartfelt personal vlogs.

Among her most popular videos, her "bikini collection try-on 2018 sorry mom LOL" has garnered a staggering 6 million views since its release in June 2018.

With her relatable charm and genuine passion for all things beauty, she continues to inspire and entertain her ever-growing audience.

7. Jenna Davis

Introducing Jenna Davis, the multi-talented actress and singer, celebrated for her captivating portrayals of Monica in the popular Brat series Chicken Girls and A Girl Named Jo.

Additionally, she brings to life the character Sienna on the much-loved Disney series, Raven's Home(2017).

Showcasing her versatile talent, she also lent her voice to the title character in the intriguing movie M3GAN(2023).

With her undeniable charm and exceptional acting skills, she continues to enchant audiences across a range of compelling roles.

8. Ruby Granger

Introducing Ruby Granger, the creative YouTube personality and content creator behind her enchanting, self-titled channel, inspired by the beloved Harry Potter character, Hermione Granger.

Her insightful videos teach effective study techniques and provide valuable guidance on leading a productive life.

Taking her passion for productivity a step further, she founded the innovative company Pumpkin Productivity, embodying the magic of turning dreams into reality through hard work and dedication.

9. Sofie Dossi

Introducing the awe-inspiring golden buzzer recipient and finalist from the 11th season of America's Got Talent, who captivated judges and audiences alike with her extraordinary contortion, aerial, and hand-balancing skills.

Her talent further shone in the 2018 Brat web series, Boss Cheer. Recognized for her incredible live performances, she received a Streamy Award nomination in the Live category in 2017.

With her jaw-dropping dance videos that showcase her gymnastics background, she has amassed a staggering 12 million followers on her self-titled TikTok account, making her a true sensation in the world of online entertainment.


As we celebrate the incredible impact of these Gen-Z influencers, it's clear that their influence extends far beyond likes and shares.

They are inspiring change, promoting positivity, and fostering global connections in a rapidly evolving digital world.

So, if you haven't already, hit that follow button and join the journey as these trailblazers continue to shape the future one post at a time.

Remember, the next big trend or world-changing idea might just be a tap away.

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