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Updated: Feb 2

Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen looking for quick and easy recipes, or a seasoned chef searching for ways to take your skills to the next level – there are plenty of food-focused YouTube channels that can satisfy your hunger.

Based on our 15+ years as a YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency, we've gotten to know quite a few YouTube creators. We’ve compiled this list of a dozen creators on YouTube who create mouth-watering food content. These channels offer step-by-step recipe videos that you can follow, educational content to help improve your cooking skills, and all-around entertaining videos that will leave you asking for seconds.

Caution: Reading this list may cause hunger, so grab a snack and enjoy our list of food creators we love on YouTube.

You Suck At Cooking

You Suck at Cooking’s nameless host uses comedic, yet instructive, voiceovers to teach recipes that anyone and everyone can follow. This channel includes recipes for desserts, snacks, and meals ranging from fudgesicles to Chicken Tikka Masala. In addition to step-by-step recipes, You Suck at Cooking provides educational videos such as “41 Quick Food Tricks” and “10 Ways to Chop an Onion.” You Suck at Cooking creates videos that you could follow and recreate or watch for pure entertainment.

Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman, a professional chef, has had a passion for cooking since he was 3 years old. After working in restaurants in his early 20s, Joshua began to channel his passion for food into creating YouTube videos. In his “But Better” series, Joshua shows his audience how to recreate infamous restaurant items such as ChickFilA Waffle fries, Chipotle bowls, or Taco Bell’s Gordita Crunch. Joshua’s “But Cheaper” series features delicious recipes on a budget while his “But Faster” series focuses on whipping up dinner in under 15 minutes.


Dzung Lewis, the host and creator behind Honeysuckle, creates aesthetic and easy-to-follow cooking videos, featuring recipes like pineapple fried rice, chocolate chip s’mores cookie bars, and Vietnamese ginger chicken. In her videos, Dzung puts viral internet recipes to the test, makes copycat recipes for popular fast food items like Panda Express’s orange chicken, and teaches her audience how to make simple meals on their busiest days.

Babish Culinary Universe

On his channel, Babish Culinary Universe, Andrew Rea combines his love of film and his love of cooking to create recipes that are both experimental and delicious. In some of his videos, Andrew recreates the mouth-watering dishes that he’s always wanted to try from television and movies. In other posts, he focuses on teaching his audience more “basic” recipes such as foolproof carbonara, parm sliders, and tamales.

Not Another Cooking Show

Stephen Cusato, the host of Not Another Cooking Show, believes that cooking should be a basic human skill. With that in mind, he creates educational cooking videos to help his audience learn to cook dishes ranging from cacio e pepe to key lime pie. Not Another Cooking Show is stuffed with helpful tips and easy-to-follow recipes that turn out so beautifully your mouth will water as you watch.

Ethan Chlebowski

Ethan Chlebowski believes that learning the how and why behind cooking makes you a much better cook. With that in mind, Ethan’s channel is full of educational videos that teach his audience how to cook with the right spices, choose the right cut of steak, or buy the best olive oil. In between these science-centered videos, Ethan’s channel also features how-to videos for healthy, delicious recipes.


Emmy’s mission is to learn about our world through food – and she invites her audience to join her by creating videos on her YouTube channel as she tests viral recipes, experiments with new dishes, and walks through fun recipes on camera. On her channel, Emmy shows her viewers how to make homemade cake fries, how to perfectly poach eggs, and make 2-ingredient Boba in less than 10 minutes.

Mad Scientist BBQ

Jeremy Yoder, the host of Mad Scientist BBQ, combines his love of BBQ and his knowledge as a science teacher to create informative and mouth-watering content for his channel. In his videos, Jeremy teaches his viewers how to barbecue all sorts of meat using all sorts of equipment. He covers common cooking mistakes and explains the science behind BBQ as he shows his audience how they can take their grilling to the next level.

Sip and Feast

Jim, the creator behind Sip and Feast, provides step-by-step instructions so his audience can make delicious, Italian-American food in their home kitchens. Raised in Long Island, New York, Jim learned how to cook from his Italian grandmother – and with Sip and Feast, he keeps her legacy alive by recreating her authentic Italian dishes. Additionally, Jim pays tribute to his New York roots by showcasing recipes like New York-style pizza and chicken parmigiana.

Adam Ragusea

Ever since his pizza-making video went viral in March 2019, Adam Ragusea has been cooking on the internet. On his YouTube channel, Adam posts a new recipe video every Thursday. In between those, he posts other food-related videos to teach his audience about the science behind cooking. If you’ve ever wondered why you should add pasta water to your pasta sauce, why we like certain foods hot and other foods cold, or why diet soda is unhealthy – Adam’s channel has the answers for you.

Pro Home Cooks

Mike Greenfield, the host and creator of Pro Home Cooks, says there’s no perfect way to do things in the kitchen. There are, however, things you can do to level up your cooking practice. Mike prides himself on being a ‘home cook’ rather than a professional chef, and he wants to help his audience become the best home cooks they can be, as well. On his channel, Mike teaches invaluable tips that have helped him become a better chef including meal prep recipes, kitchen organization hacks, and quick 15-minute meals that anyone can make.

Guga Foods

On his YouTube Channel Guga Foods, Gustavo Tosta showcases his love of BBQ and unique meats. In his videos, Gustavo experiments with meat to create interesting and delicious dishes. Gustavo’s experiments include dry aging steaks in maple syrup, deep frying ribeyes in pepperoni oil, and making jerky out of every meat he has on hand.

Baker’s Dozen Bonus: The Icing Artist

This list of food creators would not be complete without dessert – and the Icing Artist is a dessert expert! Laurie Shannon is a self-taught cake artist with more than seven years of experience creating cake decorating videos. On her channel, Laurie tries TikTok decorating trends, tests out decorating hacks, and transforms store-bought cakes into masterpieces. With Laurie’s channel, anyone with a sweet tooth is in for a treat.

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