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Updated: Sep 27, 2021



Whether you're a brand or creator, FTC endorsement guidelines are something you MUST be familiar with in the influencer marketing world. Use this as a review to keep yourself out of trouble while staying creative!

Key takeaways:

  1. The Federal Trade Commission’s goal is to protect consumers from deception and unfair methods of competition. As the internet grows, boundaries and regulations will work to ensure authenticity in the content you’re consuming and/or producing. If you follow the FTC’s comprehensive yet simple rules, you’ll stay out of trouble when it comes to influencer.

  2. Always disclose — For brands and creators alike, it is necessary to disclose partnerships, no matter what. In any individual partnership it is up to you to choose the style of the disclosure, but it must happen. As long as a reasonable person can walk away from your content and understand that it was paid for, you’re in the clear.

  3. Be honest — Make sure your words in the disclosure and in the general promotion of the product are honest. If you’re sharing details about the partnership, for example, whether or not you were sent free product, that information must be completely true.

  4. Be clear — Even if you’re not interested in explaining the ins and outs of the partnership within the content of the video, post, blog, etc., adding a simple and clear “#ad” keeps you safe in the eyes of the FTC.

  5. Lastly — Creators, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Know what you’re required to do and what you aren’t when it comes to brand deals. Don’t let brands say you have a legal requirement to do or say something that you don’t — so get familiar with your rights. If you need help weeding through this issue for a particular brand deal, we’re just an email away! (info@outloudgroup.com)

Remember, as long as a reasonable person walks away from your sponsored content understanding that it was paid for and a partnership was made, you are following the rules. For questions, comments or concerns about FTC Endorsement Guidelines, give us a shout! We’re always here.


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