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Podcasts are an incredibly intimate medium for connecting with an audience. Let’s be honest -- most listeners have earbuds jammed inside their ear. Regardless of where audiences are listening [and regardless of their headphone choice], brands can be included in that host-listener relationship. Whether it’s on the subway, in the car, on a smart speaker or through a phone, we can get you there. We partner with the world’s most popular podcasts to deliver the right mix of host endorsements to drive brand value across the marketing funnel of awareness, consideration, and conversion.




Podcast advertising campaigns are just one part of your brand’s media spend. We optimize your podcast campaigns from end to end so your brand can focus on strategy and other fancy dan marketing things. What do we do? We’re glad you asked. We work together with you to develop your podcast strategy and creative, lead influencer identification and sourcing and then work very closely with creators on campaign execution. The final piece of the puzzle is a critical one; we provide reporting and insights so we can prove out campaign ROI in a meaningful way. 

There are over 1 million podcasts out there and not all of them are right for your brand. As avid listeners ourselves (we bet you are too, that’s why you’re reading this. It’s okay -- in this case pushing for your personal interests is a good thing) with tons of relationships, we identify the right mix of shows that can deliver on your marketing objectives. We use analytics and historical performance data to find the right podcasts for you to meet your objectives. Whether those objectives are brand awareness or direct response, we help tailor your message for these audiences to drive awareness or trial.

Podcasts dive deep into very specific niches and their hosts are authoritative voices within those subcultures. Audiences trust these influencers and brands that are smart enough to tap into these trusting audiences are rewarded with great ROI. Measuring ROI in the podcast space has improved tremendously over the past few years is still improving with every passing month. The Outloud Group has developed a podcast reporting and analysis system as part of our podcast campaign experience that allows us to capture the true impact of your podcast campaigns.


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