position summary

Hi. I'm the person who makes things happen. I'm here to build on existing relationships and grow new ones to help brands tell their story through key influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and other mediums. I know brands, I know agencies. I understand how the marketing world operates. I'm not here to simply take orders and complete discrete tasks -- I'm here to make The Outloud Group a flat-out great agency. I've got fresh perspectives and I'm here to take the digital media world in a direction I'm passionate about. I'm going to share my views on how to create the company I believe in. That's right -- I have ideas and I'm going to find a way to get work done. Period.

The Outloud Group is a small team with big name clients. We're trusted by names like Grubhub, Audible, Hello Fresh, SimpliSafe, Wix, and 23andMe....and I want to be part of the team where we can build on this success and help our relationships with existing clients flourish.

I'm ready to build on The Outloud Group's existing relationships and deliver outstanding campaigns for clients. I care about getting every detail right and I'm going to go above and beyond to make sure our clients are getting bang for their buck. I'll report to the VP, Client Strategy and work closely with the Operations and Media Planning teams and other Account Executives to make sure our clients are satisfied. That's right, I'm managing client relationships, thinking strategically about how to create cutting-edge campaigns, and following through on all my promises to create meaningful long-term partnerships. 

the nitty gritty

Here's my background and what I've done before joining The Outloud Group:

-- I'm certainly ready for a full-time role and ideally, I'd be located in Detroit

   or available to travel there frequently.

-- I’m a leader. I might lead quietly or boldly, but I’ve got a knack for getting 

   people to believe in what I’m doing. I’m definitely comfortable meeting new

   people and communicating my ideas to internal team members as well as external



-- I dig media and/or marketing and I've got the track-record to prove it. I've got

   2-5+ years of experience working with brands on marketing-related offerings in

   client-facing roles. I’ve pursued a professional path that has given me a

   foothold in the field, but more importantly – I’ve got a passion and a knack for

   serving others.

-- I'm authentic. I'm not okay with promising something to a client or prospective

   client where we won't follow-through, because that's just not how I operate.

-- I’ve proven that I’m well organized and comfortable with lots of moving pieces

   because that’s just the way it needs to be to get work done.

-- I'm hungry to make an impact and take on bigger challenges. My track-record is

   strong, and I can point to concrete examples of how I've grown client accounts

   and snagged new clients I care about. 

-- I've worked in a professional environment and I know what it's like to work 

   hard. I also know enough to appreciate a supportive and engaging culture when I

   see one.