Episode 50!

1. Intel’s “Meet the Makers” Campaign

Intel wanted to tell their own story, but not enough people cared about it. If we were running Intel’s campaign, we would find 5 influencers who know exactly how to tell stories to their audience, and send that message to their surplus of followers in a trackable way.

2. The CMO’s Role in an Influencer Marketing Campaign

When it comes to marketing, the leader should get the heck out of the way. Creativity is not a linear process and when the CMO keeps their team in the safe zone, attempts to use influencers fail.

3. How to Transfer from TV to Influencer Marketing

You cannot divert money from one to another without a mindset shift. When moving from TV to Youtube or another social platform, you have to understand that the strategies you used before won’t be effective. Stay away from pre-roll.

4. Why Agencies Struggle with Influencer Marketing

When the big ideas start with the brand and the brand needs to be the smartest in the room, its difficult for agencies to give creators space to create content that is interesting for their audience. An influencer’s audience knows when their content doesn’t align, so make ample space for the influencer’s ideas to fit into the brand’s initial concept.

5. Evaluate the Campaign: Sonic & Ice-T

Sonic may have been the first to figure out influencer marketing. They showed the industry how to let go of the creative reigns by giving two comedians creative control of their commericals. The influencers naturally built an audience that was attached to the content they produced, and that content tied back to the Sonic brand.


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