DemolitionRanch & World of Tanks blasted YouTube with a successful campaign. 

What's the point of trading in your pickup truck when you can blow it up with a tank?

To send this truck out with a bang, we set up Dr. Matt Carriker of DemolitionRanch with World of Tanks, who supplied an M1 tank. The result? Matt's pick up truck is no more...and over 4.5 million people watched. 

Genuine connections make for successful campaigns

World of Tanks (WOT) is a massive multiplayer online game developed by Wargaming. Gameplay features tanks similar to the M1 featured in the video. For their part, Wargaming wanted to reach communities interested in artillery, firearms, and gaming.

What better audience than DemolitionRanch's YouTube community of nearly 3,000,000 "not so average gun video" subscribers? The channel host, practicing veterinarian Dr. Matt Carriker, has a quirky style that has made him the most popular firearms channel on YouTube. 

Matt had been looking for a way to destroy his truck for months, so when the opportunity for collaboration with WOT came along, it was a natural fit. 

Authenticity is Key

We can't stress this enough -- check out our Thinking Outloud YouTube Channel and read our blog for examples -- authenticity is the key to successful Influencer Marketing.

DemolitionRanch's audience watches to witness destruction through projectiles. The channel is devoted to blowing things up with bizarre weaponry. Likewise, World of Tanks is an online world of things exploding and heavy artillery, and has an audience with the same fondness for explosions. In other words, this pairing made a ton of sense.

Because of this logical sponsorship, when Matt gave shoutouts to World of Tanks, it didn't feel bolted on or disingenuous. Instead, any audience member could see how WOTs could provide a lot of similar fun in a multiplayer-game environment. 

Boom goes the truck...


Views on YouTube with 3MM+ in the first month. 


Monthly average of organic search volume for "World of Tanks" since campaign's inception. 


YouTube engagements including comments, likes and shares. 


Number of trucks destroyed while creating the integration. 

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