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where did IGTV go wrong?



Brad and Joel chat about where IGTV went wrong, what influencers really think about it, and where Instagram has the potential to redesign to attract creators.


  1. Long form video is generally preferred by both creators and viewers. When creators are already struggling to adapt videos to fit IGTV format… you know your platform is not sustainable.

  2. They’ve got the wrong user. A popular Instagrammer is not necessarily a storyteller. Appealing to Instagrammers who use vertical form for photos and short videos does not mean that they are suddenly able to create 30 to 60 minute videos of storytelling (even if it is in vertical form).

  3. IGTV ignores Instagram’s core competencies. The one thing that Youtube does not provide? The social component that Instagram excels at. Why aren’t you incorporating this, Instagram?

  4. No money. Creators need to be paid for their talent especially when other platforms are offering it in addition to a more usable format.


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