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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

ad winners & losers



Brad, Cait & Joel review Super Bowl 53 commercials — the winners & losers plus major themes that made a statement.

our winners:

— Microsoft: “We all Win”

— Google “100 Billion Words”

— Bud Light “Special Delivery”

— T-Mobile “We’re Here For You”

— Verizon “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here”

— Toyota RAV4 “Toni”

— Hyundai “The Elevator”

our losers:

— Bon & Viv “The Pitch”

— Budweiser “Wind Never Felt Better”

— Avocados from Mexico “Top Dog”

— M&M’S Chocolate Bar “Bad Passengers”

major themes:

— Tech Companies building on emotions

— Women’s Empowerment

— Robots/AI


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