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positioning your brand for success



Brad & Joel break down 4 common structural barriers that keep organizations from success with influencer. Watch to uncover what could be your roadblock to success, and prepare your company’s unique structure to excel with effective influencer campaigns.

Four barriers that could be keeping you from success:

  1. The Separation Between Creative & Media Buying Teams

  2. Too Much Power in Legal & Regulatory Departments

  3. The Use of Only One Agency

  4. The Separation of Branding & Acquisition Teams

Watch to find out exactly how to overcome each barrier and put your brand & team in the position to succeed with influencer immediately.


Visit our Youtube Channel for our bi-weekly video series, "Thinking Outloud" where we share industry knowledge, discuss influencer marketing trends and host influencers we work with. Also, follow and chat with us through Twitter , Instagram and LinkedIn!

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