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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

As an influencer marketing agency, we’re always talking with brands about the best ways to maximize their reach and return with authentic brand integrations from high-quality content creators.

While your marketing budget allocation can change with the wind if you follow every fad, we’re convinced that influencer paid social media marketing is a valuable opportunity that is here to stay. With the right partners and strategy, influencer paid campaigns can be a high performing addition to your marketing stack.

“An intelligent influencer paid program can truly be the answer to a stagnant paid social media marketing strategy,” says the Outloud Group’s Head of Innovation, Preston Oliver. “Authentic content from great creators, mixed with a complex execution strategy, delivered to highly engaged new audiences, is where art and science combine for an exciting new revenue opportunity for brands and influencers alike.”

So, should you supplement your marketing strategy with influencer paid social media? And what about the actual influencers and creators ... what’s in it for them? Let’s dig in!

What is the difference between influencer paid and traditional paid social media ads?

Previously, there were two primary ways for brands and influencers to collaborate and advertise on social media. The first was for a brand to deliver ad campaigns under their own social handle using content from creators. And on the flip side, creators could display a sponsored post or ad in their organic social media timeline. Both of these tactics can be successful, but given that they are exclusively focused on the organic reach of the brand and creator’s account, their potential is also limiting.

An example from Tonal of the same creative is being distributed across both brand and influencer platforms.

However with influencer paid social partnerships, brands can deliver ad campaigns more efficiently and directly to influencer’s fans and extend the investment to similar, highly-relevant new audiences. A solid influencer paid program utilizes a combination of key features such as:

  • Influencer Whitelisting - utilizing an influencer’s Facebook and Instagram business account to display content directly to their audience in the form of paid ads

  • Dark Mode - displaying ad content to an influencer’s audience outside of the organic social media timeline

  • Lookalike Audiences - extending ad campaigns to new groups of people that closely resemble the highest performing audiences

  • Retargeting or remarketing - delivering high quality review content from trusted influencers to prospects that have interacted with your brand but have yet to convert

  • Campaign Optimization - testing different pieces of content, ad formats, and platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest for maximum growth potential

  • Scalable Ad Spend - aggressive reinvestment in creators and ads that drive results, while removing spend on those that don’t

Is influencer paid social media beneficial for influencers and content creators as well?

With the right influencer paid opportunity, influencers can add a brand new revenue stream for a rather low-energy commitment, with an even lower risk of “selling out” their audience. Creators are also exposed to relevant new audiences themselves when their content is extended to new prospecting groups on the brand’s dime. This leads to new followers and engagements they wouldn’t have earned otherwise WHILE getting paid for the partnership!

“Not only are we excited for our clients to discover the untapped potential of influencer paid social, but we’re continuing to introduce hundreds of talented creators to a new way of expanding their audience AND income potential,” adds Oliver. “It really is a winning scenario for interesting brands, creative influencers, and engaged audiences alike.”

Many influencers are already hip to whitelisting and have had successful experiences. However, it’s important for influencers to be comfortable with the final ad content and strategy that the brand is delivering to their trusting audience. Oftentimes, influencers and content creators are most comfortable with professional services like the Outloud Group managing the relationship with the brand and implementing the strategy on the brand’s behalf. This means fewer people touching their accounts and more protection of their most valuable asset.

Ready to Get Started With Influencer Paid Social Media Marketing?

Influencer paid social media is a viable growth mechanism for many brands. With the right expertise, investment, and approach, influencer paid campaigns can add real incremental value to your business by exposing your products and message to new, relevant and highly engaged audiences in a rapidly scalable manner.

If you’re interested in supplementing your marketing program with influencer paid social media, give the Outloud Group a shout!

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