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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

authenticity & creative freedom



Lindybeige had a unique experience breaking into the YouTube influencer marketing space and has been climbing the charts ever since. With over 10 years of experience and 850,000+ YouTube subscribers, he has proven himself to be an expert influencer with valuable insights on brand integrations and the industry as a whole, and as an influencer marketing agency, we love working with him!

Authenticity is key

When a creator has a strong personal interest in their channel’s subject matter, it shows, and audiences pick up on it quickly. Lindybeige chooses topics that he finds interesting, organically creating an authentic experience for himself and his viewers. When it comes to brand partnerships, audiences (especially those who are intimately connected to the creator) can sniff out inauthentic advocacy in a heartbeat, and will react accordingly, so staying true to yourself and your channel is key to a successful integration. As Lindybeige explained, one way to develop and maintain a close connection with your audience is to be natural in front of the camera and not adopt a “camera voice” or exaggerated mannerisms. If what you’re saying doesn’t match how you’re saying it, you automatically seem less authentic and thus, less trusted.

Creative freedom pays off

Some companies and influencer marketing agencies attempt to dictate every word an influencer can say about their brand in order to control the messaging that is received by audiences. But to make a brand integration successful, the true voice of the creator has to be present. We call this idea “Brand advocacy vs. Brand Voice.” Like all creators, Lindybeige knows the best way to connect with his audience, and his creative brand advocacy played out in a recent integration. When working with a men’s shaving company, he made a candid and funny admission of not knowing much about grooming. The video resonated extremely well with viewers despite it deviating from the traditional way of promoting a product.

Check out the full video for more and let us know what you think!


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