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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

"the best men can be" or toxic masculinity



Brad & Joel dive into a discussion about Gillette’s new and controversial commercial called “The Best Men Can Be” — a creative spin on their slogan “The Best a Man Can Get,” amid the #MeToo movement.

Gillette held large market share within the razor industry for years, as they were known for being one of the best and most high quality razor brands out there. As newer brands emerged, Gillette fell behind on profit, and for this reason decided to take a risk with a timely new campaign.

Brad & Joel compare Gillette’s risk in making a social stance with their previous analysis of the Nike commercial from late 2018— Did Gillette win over the millennial heart by proving to be as genuine and authentic as Nike or did Gillette push its true consumer base away?

All in all, Gillette had the opportunity to make a bold statement, but did not quite hit the mark. We would advise Gillette to work on enhancing the authenticity of this campaign through a meaningful influencer marketing strategy, before their message is lost in a wave of brand voice that labels them as disingenuous for years to come.

For now, with their ad at 27 million views, 750K likes, and 1.3M dislikes on YouTube— we wait to see how sales are impacted and whether or not displeased consumers will be overcome by habit in the moment of purchase, or succumb to head loyalty and never buy Gillette again.


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