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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Consumer Electronics Show 2020


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is known for presenting bright and shiny tech for the year to come. Just as important as seeing what products are currently hitting the consumer market is the chance to evaluate how many promises have been fulfilled from the year before.

What does this mean from an influencer marketing perspective? It means we get a sneak peek at the gear and gadgets influencers will likely be advocating for in 2020, and the products that didn’t quite succeed, even with the power of advocacy behind them. In this blog, we will explore three trends in consumer tech to keep an eye on, and our predictions for whether or not they will be advocated for through influencer marketing.

1. The most obviously increasing trend was the (over)use of the acronym IoT.

If you aren’t in the know, it means “Internet of Things,” and the phrase is already everywhere this year. The definition of the geek chic term is that consumer tech is all being engineered with the idea of interconnectivity in mind. “Smart” everything is now the norm; from refrigerators to washers and dryers, even mirrors, and it’s all meant to work together through a home management system like Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home Pod w/ Siri, etc. As IoT becomes embedded into our lives, influencers will find new and creative ways to show how it impacts theirs. Stay tuned for a surplus of lifestyle influencers and family channels playing with the newest communicating device.

2. Stuck in the middle is the partially delivered promise of 5G.

All the advanced products have their foundation based on new levels of data delivery and processing, from fully connected cities to turbocharge productivity. 2020 was supposed to be a benchmark year where the 5G revolution was fully realized. It still has a way to go, but much like how HDTV’s weren’t worth having until the majority of media was being broadcast in full HD, the ecosystem of gadgets and devices are gradually permeating all sectors and once the network is fully built, all of the elements will be in place to take advantage. This wouldn’t be the first time that influencers were used to advocate for a network. Without a physical product to show for, it’ll be a challenge to ignite the long-term partnerships with creators that are needed to advocate for this tech.

3. The reality that is EV

When it comes to future promises becoming a reality, the EV market is already on the road. More and more brands are expected to have models that will be available to drive on the streets within the next year. It seems like we’ve been hearing about the pivot to electric vehicles for quite some time, and at CES 2020, that moment finally arrived. Not only were these incredible vehicles up for display, but companies were taking deposits and pre-orders. In addition to Tesla, up and coming companies shined such as Rivian, Fisker, and Byton. Don’t be surprised if 2020 brings out your favorite luxury influencer behind the wheel of an incredibly stylish EV.

That’s all from us as we look forward to the year of tech to come.


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