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Branded content is a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with their target audience and establish brand loyalty.

It allows brands to tell their story, showcase their values, and engage with their customers in a way that traditional advertising just can't match.

With so much content out there, it can be challenging to create something that truly resonates with your audience.

Thankfully, over the past 15+ years of providing influencer marketing services, we’ve gotten pretty good at helping brands produce top-notch branded content.

In this article, we'll be showcasing 11 exceptional examples of branded content that have succeeded in capturing the attention of their target audience.

From innovative campaigns to thought-provoking pieces, these examples demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of branded content in today's marketing landscape.

Get ready to be inspired and learn how you can elevate your brand's content game.

11 amazing examples of branded content

GAWX art is an incredible Mexico-based artist who puts 100% of his heart and soul into every project he does. His YouTube content gives his audience a behind-the-scenes look at all his art projects and his creative process.

DIY with KB is an incredible DIY/home entrepreneur and knocked her Fiverr sponsorship out of the park.

GMM is a YouTube staple, with hosts Rhett and Link overseeing a fully dedicated production team known for their extremely out-of-the-box video topics. The set for this sponsorship was both perfectly fitting for the spooky Halloween theme, but also right in line with SimpliSafe's mission to not let the unknown sneak up on you.

Mark Rober is a YT juggernaut, but his massive reach and popularity don't stop him from getting extra creative with his sponsorships. For a guy known for science and tech, it makes sense that he'd engineer an entire set around his Acorn sponsorship (with live squirrels, of course).

Institute of Human Anatomy can be a channel not for the faint of heart, but they normalize the science behind the human body, even using real cadaver parts to explain the inner workings of who we are. It makes sense that a channel known for educating and normalizing the body's processes would put together a great ad for Athletic Greens.

Jonne from The Unlazy Way is known for being hilarious, exciting, and for pushing himself to the extreme. For a channel called The Unlazy Way, he definitely lives up to his name, and his ad for AG1 is as elevated and well-filmed as the rest of his content. He makes drinking a health supplement look exciting and cool, which is hard to do.

Maya is a lifestyle creator who emphasizes the importance of both hustling and relaxing, and she would know: as a working mom with a YouTube on the side, she details both her stresses and the ways she winds down and takes care of herself.

Marques Brownlee is possibly the most notable name in the YouTube tech space. He focuses both on the nitty-gritty of how things work, to the broader scope of how certain tech can work for you. His ad for Rocket Money was a perfect blend of those two components, as it is a smart piece of tech to add to your day and something that Marques has used for years to improve his own spending habits. Like everything else Marques does, he focuses on smarter, not harder.

Kayla is a continually positive creator who is truly a do-it-all woman. She features every aspect of her life on her channel: the basic day-to-day from beauty, food, family, business, self-help, and more. She shows every aspect of her life as a way to remind her audience that to be your own boss, everyone has to start somewhere and start now.

Madmax_fluffyroad is a duo of creator Bryan Reisberg and his dog Maxine the corgi. Maxine may be the fluffy star, but Bryan's NYC adventures are the real star of the show, including this ad with Grubhub.

Tommy is the epitome of the new-age Gen Z creator: no crazy production, no super gimmicky content, just a guy eating food. A lot of food. What says food indulgence better than Taco Bell in his ad where his audience goads him into seeing how many TBell freezes he can drink before getting brain freeze?


We hope these 11 branded content examples that we’ve highlighted demonstrate the power and potential of this marketing approach.

Whether it's through humor, storytelling, or thought-provoking pieces, these examples showcase the different ways that brands can connect with their target audience and establish a strong connection.

The key takeaway is that branded content provides a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience in a meaningful way and set themselves apart from the competition.

By incorporating these best practices into your own content strategy, you too can create branded content that captivates and inspires your target audience.

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