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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

black influencers

Are you ready to be inspired, educated, and entertained by some of the most influential black voices in today's digital landscape?

Dive into Outloud's curated list of trailblazing black influencers from our 15+ years doing influencer marketing across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram.

These influencers are not only dominating their respective industries but also actively reshaping the world we live in.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to follow these exceptional individuals and be part of their incredible journeys!

Our favorite black influencers

Renowned YouTube sensation Nina Ellis-Hervey, the creator behind the BeautifulBrwnBabyDol channel, has captivated over 1.2 million subscribers since the channel's launch.

Her widespread success has led to features in esteemed publications such as Essence, People, and Ebony, as well as the opportunity to present at TED Talks.

In addition to her primary channel, she also manages a secondary DIY-focused platform called itsBeautifulBrwnBabyDol.

Renowned for his expertise in natural hair, YouTuber Will Humphrey has gained prominence through the WillOnAWhim channel.

Boasting over 450,000 subscribers, the channel offers a variety of content, including vlogs, product reviews, Q&As, and tutorials, catering to the diverse interests of its viewers.

Recognized for her candid portrayal of her entrepreneurial journey, Erin On Demand saw rapid growth of her channel, amassing nearly 100,000 subscribers within its inaugural year.

Since that milestone, she's cultivated an incredible community of "eBosses" across social media platforms and within her eBrand membership club.

There, she empowers entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and content creators from around the globe to conquer their objectives, elevate their brands, and confidently navigate the world of business.

Chris Sain Jr., widely recognized as the Millennial Mentor, specializes in guiding college students and young professionals in the realms of relationships, personal finance, and business.

Hailing from Canada, Shannae Ingleton-Smith, affectionately known as @torontoshay to her devoted followers, is a media strategist and versatile entrepreneur.

Together with her husband and business partner, she established a boutique influencer management agency, named after her firstborn daughter, Kensington.

The agency caters to the aspirations of influencers and helps them achieve their dreams.

A multifaceted talent, this football player and avid gamer has garnered over 850,000 subscribers on YouTube by sharing gameplay from NCAA Football 14 and Madden career story mode.

Among his most popular videos are in-depth discussions on various elements of the hit Netflix series, Last Chance U.

As a content creator and marketing consultant, DonYe Taylor engages her 51,000 Instagram followers with insightful marketing advice and strategic analysis.

Her enterprise, Taylored Consulting, collaborates with brands and leaders to develop effective marketing strategies.

Additionally, her newsletter, To Whom It May Concern, offers valuable resources and motivation to fellow creators.

Renowned for his comedic prowess, Khaby captivates audiences with his humorous short skits on the khaby.lame TikTok account.

His entertaining content has amassed a staggering 155 million followers and garnered over 2.3 billion likes on the platform.

As a makeup and beauty aficionado, Jackie Aina, formerly known as MakeupGameOnPoint and LilPumpkinPie05, gained expertise in the field by becoming a licensed cosmetologist after graduating from the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Further showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit, she established her own lifestyle brand, FORVR, to share her passion and creativity with the world.

Esteemed for his technical acumen, Marques Brownlee has gained recognition for the insightful gadget reviews featured on the MKBHD YouTube channel, amassing a remarkable 16 million subscribers.

Awarded the prestigious Shorty Award for Creator of the Decade in 2018, he continued to innovate in 2019 with the launch of his original unscripted series, Retro Tech.

A multifaceted TV personality, Shannon Boodram is a renowned sexual education author, and speaker that has made numerous TV appearances, including serving as a resident expert on CBS' The Insider.

Her popularity has been further amplified by her best-selling book, LAID: Young People's Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture, which resonates with readers across generations.


In conclusion, these exceptional black influencers have established themselves as powerful voices in today's digital landscape, inspiring change and fostering growth in various fields.

By following their journeys, you'll not only enrich your own perspective but also contribute to a more inclusive and diverse online environment.

So, don't hesitate to hit that follow button and stay connected with these trailblazers, who are destined to leave an indelible mark on the world.


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