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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

branded video: energy company + SmarterEveryDay


Lighting the way to a brand people know and love. Shell worked with Smarter Every Day to share the story of how GravityLight, a Shell Ventures portfolio company, uses ancient clock technology and modern LED lights to bring safe and clean light to homes not connected to the power grid. Shell’s sponsorship of this video delivered the most positive customer engagement the company has seen.


When we think of Royal Dutch Shell, we think of big oil and large corporations. We don't think of entrepreneurial spirit, renewable energy and powering light from gravity. In fact, Shell has been working with GravityLight to get you and I off the power grid. To expose this, we worked with Shell on a release of integrations showcasing one of their internally incubated companies. We paired Shell with popular science Youtuber, Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day, to make GravityLight a bit brighter to the science and DIY community on YouTube. Shell sent Destin to Salisbury, England, to get to know the science and team behind GravityLight.


As we could imagine, a company tied to big oil has a hard time branding itself in a positive light. Who would have thought that Shell is working with GravityLight's small team in England to bring gravity-powered illumination to the developing world -- this is the power of influencer marketing. In working with Shell, we came up with a specific idea for them to leave a positive impact on their community and here are some of the results:


Views on Youtube with 400K+ in the first month. 


Youtube engagements including comments, likes and shares.

Beyond the metrics, here is a snapshot of the comment engagement: 

Learn how to power a light with nothing but gravity.


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