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position summary

Hi. In an influencer world, I’m the paid social person. I have a passion for digital content and love to get my hands dirty in paid media, performance marketing – and come to think of it: I’m really into creative, analytics, and all things paid social. I have a solid background in managing paid media campaigns on multipole digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. I know how to absorb a brand brief, manage creative assets, architect a high-performing ad campaign, report and optimize for growth, and scale paid ad strategies expertly. I’m also comfortable pitching our approach to key brand stakeholders. I can walk the walk but also talk the talk.


In this role, I’ll work cross-functionally with brand account teams at the Outloud Group team to lead the growth and execution of a cutting edge paid social media business unit. I love to go the extra mile, commit to excellence, and get the details right. I relish the chance to have a position that touches the creator economy, influencer marketing, and digital paid content -- and I’m all in when it comes to working with great people and having fun while building a company I believe in.


I'm ready to build on The Outloud Group's existing relationships by delivering innovative paid social campaigns for clients. I care about getting every detail right and I'm going to go above and beyond to make sure our clients are getting bang for their buck.

the nitty gritty

Here's my background and what I've done before joining The Outloud Group:

-- I have 5+ years of experience as a paid social media manager. I have activated

   several paid campaigns on key social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,

   TikTok, and Pinterest)

-- I have worked directly with brands and influencers, and helped design,

   implement, and manage complex digital campaigns


-- I think both creatively and analytically when approaching a campaign - analyzing

   creative assets, evaluating demographics, researching the brand’s product and

   industry, and optimizing for campaign performance

-- I have the ability to generate media plans, share audiences across account,

   produce reports, and provide actionable insight for paid social campaigns


-- I’m comfortable absorbing a brand brief and bringing innovative ideas to the


-- I’m a social media and paid ad nerd. I get excited when I can grows and scale

   campaigns, particularly when it gets complex and I’m pulling a lot of levers. I

   have at least one Facebook Blueprint certification. It might be 100-101 Facebook

   Certified Digital Marketing Associate but whatever it is I’m most happy to live


-- I know my stuff and I’m ahead of the curve when it comes to trends, strategies,

   best practices, and the ever changing features and functionality of paid social


-- I know a thing or two about sponsored posts, the Branded Content Tool, Brand

   Collabs Manager, Creator Studio, whitelisting ads (in fact I know they aren’t

   called that any more), boosted posts, dark modes, pixels, partner permissions,

   lions-tigers-and-bears OH MY!


-- I am a self-starter and have a desire to build my role professionally, as well

   as lead and grow a new capability for a business.