position summary

Outloud Merch is a full-service apparel provider for the Internet’s top content creators.


Hi. I'm the new kid on the block. I’m here to assist the startup-sized Outloud Merch team in their mission of creating a better merchandising experience for YouTubers and content creators, so they can focus on what they do best: forging a strong community and making awesome content.

I have passion and accompanying expertise in the field of graphic design and/or illustration, and I’m up for the challenge of getting my hands dirty in both apparel and marketing designs. My portfolio will give you a sense of what I can do, and I’m positive that it’ll knock your socks off. I have my finger on the pulse of current apparel and design trends, and I know how to push our thinking forward.

I love talking to people: I can craft a killer email and I come across as professional and personable on client calls. I can juggle many relationships at the same time and know how to keep it all organized and manage my time well.

I know how to do what is asked of me and exceed expectations, but also know when to bring new, fresh ideas to the table. I’m self-sufficient and know how to handle whatever task is thrown at me, with no hand-holding necessary.

the nitty gritty

10-20 hours a week for Spring or full time for Summer; ideally on-site in    Detroit and available to start immediately

Spring semester or Summer (or both)


Stipend available; amount adjusted depending on weekly hours 


Here's my background and what I've done before joining The Outloud Group: 


I'm a smart gal or guy. I have a proven track record of success, both in and out of the classroom.

I've challenged myself. Yep, that's right -- I’ve done exciting things      beyond taking classes. I’ve learned through unique channels, given back      to those around me, and surprised myself with the impact I can make by      being proactive and identifying solutions to problems.

I dig design and account management. Ideally I’ve pursued an educational    path that has given me a foundation in the field, but more importantly –    I’ve got a passion and a knack for creating.

I’ve learned about The Outloud Group and Outloud Merch I’m excited to be  immersed in the influencer ecosystem

I’ve proven that I’m well organized and comfortable with lots of moving      pieces because that’s just the way it needs to be to get work done

To apply, please email james.reina@outloudgroup.com with a short cover letter, your resume, and a portfolio of your work.