position summary

We're looking for a self-driven go-getter with experience building something from the ground up, managing many moving parts, and leading a small team.


Your role will be incredibly entrepreneurial in nature, and your responsibilities will include strategic planning, managing and delegating tasks across a team, running Shopify, client relationship management (both existing + new), customer service and quality assurance management, and evolving our marketing strategy, just to name a few.


You’ll be leading Outloud Merch -- a division of The Outloud Group that builds end-to-end apparel + merch lines for the internet’s top content creators, and also providing support for MuskOx -- an outdoor menswear brand developed by The Outloud Group.


Keep in mind this job description is meant to inspire and give you some general direction -- not to limit what can be done or be comprehensive.

To apply, please email with a short cover letter and your resume.


I’m here to push forward the direct-to-consumer influencer merchandising company Outloud Merch in every way possible. My goal is to help create a better merchandising experience for YouTubers and content creators, so they can focus on what they do best: forging a strong community and making awesome content.


I’ve got experience building new things and selling online, but also have a strong design sense and excellent thought-leadership -- I’m the one who drives forward opportunities and energizes a team, but I can also be a one-person-army when needed.


I have a passion and accompanying expertise in eCommerce, and I’m up for the challenge of getting my hands dirty in the influencer merchandising landscape. I have my finger on the pulse of current merch and apparel trends, and I know how to push our thinking forward.


I love talking to people: I can craft a killer email and I come across as professional and personable on client calls. I can juggle many relationships at the same time and know how to keep it all organized and manage my time well. 


I know how to do what is asked of me and exceed expectations, but also know when to bring new, fresh ideas to the table. I’m self-sufficient and know how to handle whatever task is thrown at me, no matter how big or small.

the nitty gritty

-- full time position starting immediately


-- core team and company headquarters located in Detroit although this role
   is fully remote


-- competitive compensation and full benefits package


-- high-expectations of building and growing the Outloud Merch business


-- I have a proven track record of success in everything I do (proven success

   in DTC eCommerce, specifically on Shopify’s platform is a plus) -- and I’m
   excited to roll my sleeves up and make this bigger and better


-- I’ve learned about The Outloud Group, Outloud Merch, and MuskOx, and I’m

   excited to be immersed in the influencer ecosystem


-- I’ve proven that I’m well organized and comfortable with lots of moving

   pieces -- I dig design, apparel, and team-building. Ideally, I’ve pursued

   a career path that has given me a foundation in all three, but more

   importantly – I’ve got a passion and a knack for building a successful



-- I understand the importance of working together as a team. I may lead

   quietly or I may lead boldly, but I’m comfortable leading and making

   things happen in the construct of a tight-knit team environment


-- I know how to move from concept to commerce and understand what it takes

   to reach the next level. I’m a problem solver and will do what it takes to

   make we’re always reaching for the next best step


-- I have experience in marketing a business whether that be through paid

   social, email marketing, or increasing SEO

About Outloud Merch, MuskOx & The Outloud Group

Outloud Merch is a full-service apparel provider for the internet’s top content creators and a part of The Outloud Group.


At MuskOx, we're passionate about creating quality clothes to support the everyday adventures. Rugged and modern, MuskOx knows a job worth doing is a job worth doing well, which is why we're committed to quality and durability. For every $100 purchase, MuskOx donates $10 towards wildlife conservation.


The Outloud Group is a full-service influencer marketing agency that creates & executes strategic campaigns to deliver measurable results. We combine art & science to authentically tell your brand’s story at scale.


While we live & breathe new media, our business is founded on old-fashioned relationships.


influencer marketing. done right.



To apply, please email with a short cover letter and your resume.