position summary

Title means nothing. Heart, execution, and fun are everything. This is true for leaders and new hires alike. This description provides some general guidelines to help you understand the role, but what's most important is a desire to get out of bed each morning to go and create something great.


Just remember, this description is designed to inform, not to limit. We need heart, execution, and fun beyond the confines of any description.

I believe that good things happen when preparation meets opportunity and I’m excited to identify strong creators that would fit well with our brand partners. I'm not looking for a job taking orders and simply doing tasks assigned to me -- I am an individual who cares about what I do I’m looking for a position that challenges me to set the best course for the company as I see fit. In other words, I'm here to make The Outloud Group a flat-out great agency that delivers value without any "I'm sorry" message delivered to our clients. I'm going to share my views on how to create the company I believe in. I have ideas and I'm going to find a way to get shit done.


The Outloud Group has big-name clients like Care/of, DJI, Grubhub, KiwiCo, Policygenius, SimpliSafe, and The Great Courses Plus ....and I'm joining to create even better relationships with these clients by offering outstanding media options, from platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch in particular, that meet their needs.


I'll scour YouTube, podcasts, blogs, and social media to find the right influencers & creators for our brand partners. I will become an expert in navigating our Salesforce influencer database by making sure we dot our “i’s” and cross our “t’s” during our data collection process. I'll also work closely with our accounts team to identify new strategies and platforms for our brands to partner with. That’s right -- I'm watching YouTube videos, exploring podcasts, mastering our database, and identifying strategic partnerships. I'm excited to crunch the data -- and I'm stoked about the opportunity to justify our recommendations to our brand partners. 

the nitty gritty

Here's my background and what I've done before joining The Outloud Group team:


-- I’ve done exciting things beyond taking classes. I’ve learned through

   unique channels, given back to those around me, and surprised myself with

   the impact I can make by being pro-active and identifying solutions to



-- I’m a strong communicator. Whether it’s talking shop and process with an

  internal team member or explaining what we do with an external party, I

  know how to get my message across while keeping in mind that the best 

  communicators often have the biggest ears 


-- I’m a leader. I might lead quietly or boldly, but I’ve got a knack for

   getting people to believe in what I’m doing...and they should because it’s

   legit. Maybe I’ve run a student group or hosted a new event or two. I’m

   comfortable meeting new people and communicating my ideas


-- I dig media and/or marketing. Ideally, I’ve pursued an educational path

   that has given me a foundation of skills, but more importantly – I’ve got

   a passion and a knack for serving others through technology


-- I've worked in a professional environment and I know what it's like to

   work hard. I also know enough to appreciate a supportive and engaging

   culture when I see one


-- I’ve learned about The Outloud Group and I’m passionate about the mission.

   Hello!?! Being immersed in the digital media ecosystem is killer and I’m

   chomping at the bit to make it even better


-- I’ve proven that I’m well organized and comfortable with lots of moving

   pieces because that’s just the way it needs to be to get shit done