position summary

Hi. I'm the person that greases the skids & makes the trains run on time. I make
things work in a way that's efficient, clear, and consistent. As an operations person, I believe that every detail is an opportunity for improvement. I can tell when a small tweak is the best option and when a system needs to be destroyed to clear the ground for something new. I find satisfaction in the completion of discrete tasks but I do not need someone over my shoulder telling me what needs to be done -- I'm here to make The Outloud Group a flat-out great agency that delivers value without any "I'm sorry" message delivered to our clients and I'm going to share my views on how to create the company I believe in. That's right -- I have ideas and I'm going to find a way to get work done. Period.

I've got fresh perspectives to share and I'm here to create order out of chaos because that is what I'm passionate about. I'm going to share my views on how to create the best systems for any operational need and I’m genuinely excited when I make a system better than what came before. I'm constantly striving to make things run more smoothly and avoiding any "my bad" moments when it comes to client delivery. I'm excited to crunch the data -- get better and deliver on the opportunity that's in front of us.

the nitty gritty

I’m ready for a full time role based in Detroit
I have 2-5 years of experience in media operations or project management
I’m proactive, well organized, and can manage multiple tasks at once without
missing the details
I know how to get creative when problem solving and have a track record of
making things happen


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