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We're looking for a self-driven eCommerce whiz with experience managing many moving parts and leading a small team. Your responsibilities will include running Shopify, relationship management (both existing + new), and evolving our marketing strategy, just to name a few. You’ll be leading Outloud Merch -- a division of The Outloud Group that builds end-to-end apparel + merch lines for the internet’s top content creators, and also providing support for MuskOx -- an outdoor menswear brand developed by The Outloud Group. Keep in mind this job description is meant to inspire and give you some general direction -- not to limit what can be done or be comprehensive.


I’m here to push forward the direct-to-consumer eCommerce divisions of The Outloud Group in every way possible. For Outloud Merch, to help create a better merchandising experience for YouTubers and content creators, so they can focus on what they do best: forging a strong community and making awesome content. And for MuskOx, to build a compelling eCommerce experience and carve out a strong niche in the men’s apparel industry.
I’ve got experience building new things and selling online, but also have a strong design sense and excellent thought-leadership -- I’m the one who drives forward opportunities and energizes a team, but I can also be a one-personarmy when needed.
I have a passion and accompanying expertise in eCommerce, and I’m up for the challenge of getting my hands dirty in the influencer merchandising landscape. I have my finger on the pulse of current merch and apparel trends, and I know how to push our thinking forward.
I love talking to people: I can craft a killer email and I come across as professional and personable on client calls. I can juggle many relationships at the same time and know how to keep it all organized and manage my time well.
I know how to do what is asked of me and exceed expectations, but also know when to bring new, fresh ideas to the table. I’m self-sufficient and know how to handle whatever task is thrown at me, no matter how big or small.


-- full time position starting immediately
-- core team and company headquarters is located in Detroit although this
   role is fully remote OutloudGroup.com
-- competitive compensation and full benefits package
-- high-expectations of building and growing the Outloud Merch business
-- I have a proven track record of success in DTC eCommerce, specifically on
   Shopify’s platform
-- and I’m excited to roll my sleeves up and make this bigger and better
-- I’ve attended a four-year college and have a track record of success. I
   may have attended college recently or many years in the past, but I’ve got
   a hunger to learn and a track-record of success
-- I’ve learned about The Outloud Group, Outloud Merch, and MuskOx, and I’m
   excited to be immersed in the influencer ecosystem
-- I’ve proven that I’m well organized and comfortable with lots of moving
-- I dig design, apparel, and team-building. Ideally, I’ve pursued a career
   path that has given me a foundation in all three, but more importantly –
   I’ve got a passion and a knack for building a successful business
-- I understand the importance of working together as a team. I may lead
   quietly or I may lead boldly, but I’m comfortable leading and making
   things happen in the construct of a tight-knit team environment
-- I know how to move from concept to commerce and understand what it takes
   to help them reach the next level. I’m a problem solver and will do what
   it takes to make we’re always reaching for the next best step
-- I have experience in marketing a business whether that be through paid
   social, email marketing, or increasing SEO
Outloud Merch is a full-service apparel provider for the internet’s top content creators and a part of The Outloud Group.
At MuskOx, we're passionate about creating quality clothes to support your everyday adventures. Rugged and modern, MuskOx knows a job worth doing is a job worth doing well, which is why we're committed to quality and durability. We've got you.
The Outloud Group is a Detroit-based boutique digital media agency that specializes in influencer marketing and talent representation. What does that mean? It's simple: we help brands tell their story and drive sales through YouTubers and influencers on other social media platforms. We live and breathe cutting-edge digital media, but our business is founded on old-fashioned relationships.
New Media. Old Fashioned Relationships.
We're a growing team that's carved out a strong niche in the influencer marketing world. We embrace our Midwest roots and believe that our grounded straightforward approach sets us apart in a world of glitz, glam, pomp, and OutloudGroup.com circumstance. We often work in Los Angeles and it's common for us to be in San Francisco, New York, Austin, and DC.
Grounded in the Midwest. Competing Globally.
To apply, please email careers@outloudgroup.com with a short cover letter and your resume. You may also complete the form below. 

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