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Hi. I'm the person that greases the skids & makes the trains run on time. I make things work in a way that's efficient, clear, and consistent. As an operations person, I believe that every detail is an opportunity for improvement. I can tell when a small tweak is the best option and when a system needs to be destroyed in order to clear the ground for something new. I find satisfaction in the completion of discrete tasks but I do not need someone over my shoulder telling me what needs to be done -- I'm here to make The Outloud Group a flat-out great agency that delivers value without any "I'm sorry" message delivered to our clients and I'm going to share my views on how to make that happen. That's right -- I have ideas and I'm going to find a way to get work done. Period.

I've got fresh perspectives to share and I'm here to create order out of chaos because that is what I'm passionate about. I'm going to share my views on how to create the best systems for any operational need and I’m genuinely excited when I make a system better than what came before. I'm constantly striving to make things run more smoothly and avoiding any "my bad" moments when it comes to client delivery. I'm excited to crunch the data -- get better and deliver on any opportunity that's in front of us.

The Nitty Gritty

Here's my background and what I've done before joining The Outloud Group team:

-- I’ve proven that I’m well organized and comfortable with lots of moving pieces because that’s just the way it needs to be to get work done in the operations world

-- I've challenged myself. Yep, that's right -- I’ve done exciting things beyond doing what I'm told. I’ve learned through unique channels, given back to those around me, and surprised myself with the impact I can make by being proactive and identifying solutions to problems

-- I've worked in Ops or Project Management for 1-3 years and I'm hungry to make an impact and take on bigger challenges. My track-record is strong and I can point to concrete examples of how I've optimized organizations

-- I’m a leader. I might lead quietly or boldly, but I’ve got a knack for getting people to believe in what I’m doing….and they should because it’s legit. Maybe I’ve organized an ongoing event, led a team as part of a non-profit, or been involved in a side business. Regardless of what I've done, I’m definitely comfortable meeting new people and communicating my ideas

-- I dig media and/or marketing. Ideally I’ve pursued a path that has given me a foundation of skills, but more importantly – I’ve got a passion and a knack for serving others through technology

-- I've worked in a professional environment and I know what it's like to work hard. I also know enough to appreciate a supportive and engaging culture when I see one

-- I’ve learned about The Outloud Group and I’m passionate about the mission. Hello!?! Being immersed in the digital media ecosystem is outstanding and I’m chomping at the bit to make it even better


Send a note to Please include your résumé and why you're excited about joining the team.